On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who does the UU travel policy apply to?

This policy applies to all employees of Utrecht University and those who claim their travel expenses from Utrecht University.


When will this policy be implemented?

The new UU travel policy applies from the 1st of January 2023.


Why has the travel policy been changed?

Utrecht University wants to be climate neutral by 2030. To achieve this, we must also make our travel behavior more sustainable. Our travel emissions in 2019 (before the corona pandemic) amounted to 11% of the university's entire CO2 emissions.


I have already booked a flight to a destination within 700 kilometers before January 1, 2023. Do I have to rebook it for a train journey?

The policy applies to travel booked from January 1st, 2023. Trips already booked do not need to be rebooked.


Is my (longer) journey considered working time?

Your agreements with your manager on travel time and working time are unchanged. This does not depend on the means of transport, but on the purpose of your travel. If you make a business trip for work (i.e. not commuting), this is usually considered working time.


A train journey to my destination is more expensive than a flight, can I declare the additional costs somewhere?

You can declare your train journey. The money for this comes from the budget of your own department. If you have any questions about this, please contact your manager.


Can I still travel by car to a destination abroad within a radius of 700 kilometers from Utrecht?

Yes, that is allowed. You can borrow an electric car from We Drive Solar through the university. An electric car is also a sustainable means of transport, but is only seen as a sustainable alternative to the train if several people are sharing the same car. In addition, the train has the advantage that you can work while travelling.


Can I still fly to distant destinations?

For destinations under 700 km, flying is only an option in highly exceptional situations. You may use the plane for destinations more than 700 kilometers from Utrecht. If you also want to use the train for these destinations, you can declare any overnight stay. This declaration must be approved by your manager.


I want to attend an international meeting/conference online, what online resources does UU offer?

Various meeting rooms have been set up where you can hold hybrid meetings. In addition, since last year the university has a studio equipped with various cameras, a green screen and a studio table. In Studio 041, for example, a presentation can be recorded for a conference, a table discussion with various participants or a webinar for an online open day. The technical support is done by colleagues from the studio. Read more about Studio 041. Studio 041 is not the only place where you can record lectures, teach digitally or attend a conference. Consult the AV department (fsc.av@uu.nl) for advice on digital and hybrid (educational) rooms.


What else is UU doing to become CO2 neutral?

Among other things, the university is working on zero-waste business operations, energy conservation, the development of sustainable energy sources and the restoration of biodiversity in its own area. For more information about what UU is doing to improve sustainability, go to uu.nl/sustainability.


I have another question. Who can I contact?

For questions about the UU travel policy, please contact your manager.

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