Sustainable travel towards 2030

Business trips of employees of Utrecht University account for 11% of Utrecht University's total CO2 emissions. The university wants to be climate neutral by 2030. This means that business travel also has to become more sustainable. Travelling less, more sustainably and more efficiently will become the standard. 

What are the principles of the reshaped travel policy? 

  • Business travel is reduced wherever possible by using video conferencing or other digital alternatives.
  • Travel will be by train if the distance is less than 700 km or with a travel time of up to 8 hours, calculated from Utrecht Central Station.
  • For destinations under 700 km, flying is only an option in highly exceptional situations and after approval from your supervisor.
  • Final destinations beyond 700 km or train journeys of more than 8 hours can also be done by train. A corresponding additional overnight stay can be claimed.
  • Is your destination further than 700 km and air travel is necessary? Then direct flights from airlines with a CO2-efficient aircraft should be chosen as much as possible.
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Are you planning on travelling for work within Europe? The train check quickly reveals the best option for you.

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Compensation CO2 emissions

Utrecht University compensates all CO2 emissions caused by business air travel by UU employees. In collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group, Utrecht University contributes to ‘solar cookers’ in Chad and hydropower projects in India.

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'Taking the train is a relaxing way to travel’

Colleague Rogier Bos, assistant professor at the Freudenthal Institute, travelled by train to a meeting in Ludwigsburg. In this video, you can follow him on his journey

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